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Golden house painters are few and far between when it comes to finding a company that can provide upmost value, transparency, honesty, and reliability.

Kind Home Solutions is a Golden house painter. We prides ourselves in being the best possible paint contractor that we can be. We provide exterior and interior painting services. Making sure to go above and beyond. Also making sure that we provide a paint job with the highest quality paint. Carefully detailed paint processes, and best materials we can use to get the job done right.

Kind Home Solutions will never ask for payment upfront and never leave a job site until your are fully satisfied with our work. We make sure we do the best work possible because we truly care about our clients and live up to our 12 year warranty that comes with our exterior painting jobs.

We are aurora house painters that blow away the competition by providing a service with extreme amounts of value. With the lowest price we can provide. Kind Home is not the cheapest paint company because of all the value we provide, but we are the cheapest company for what you get.

We offer free painting estimates in Golden, and the prices are good for one calendar year. There are three different prices on your quote with a 8 year, 10 year and 12 year warranty.

Never be worried about your paint job when working with Kind Home Solutions. Get the best value guaranteed. Golden painting at its finest.