Signs You Need To Have Your Roofing Repaired or Replaced

Your Roof Is Just Plain Old

Roofs aren’t meant to last forever. They do have an “expiration date,” which depends on the roof material. Asphalt shingles can last up to 50 years while wood shakes and shingles have a lifespan of just 30 years. Metal can last up to 70 years while concrete can be used for 100 years. However, these lifespans are only possible if your roof goes through average weather exposure throughout its life. Extreme weather (like hail, wind storms, or tornadoes) can quickly reduce the life of your roof. At the very least, roofs must undergo inspection annually to minimize damage.

Your Roofing Is Growing Green

Moss and grass growth on the roof of your house means you have to clean the space quickly. Left alone, vegetation can break down shingles and cause them to deteriorate faster. If new moss always grows back up after cleaning, chances are there is trapped moisture between the shingles. If you see more green than roofing on your house, call a professional roofing company to perform an inspection.

Out of Place Shingles

Take a look at your roof from a distance. Every cracked, curled, damaged, or missing shingle should instantly jump out if you look at your building as a whole. This is a sign that your roof is starting to wear down and needs to be repaired. If caught early on, these small cracks will only need minor replacement instead of a complete overhaul. Littleton roofing companies like ours can offer reasonable prices to replace individual shingles and extend the life of your roof.

Your Gutter Is Blocked

Cleaning your gutter routinely tells you if the shingles are starting to wear down. This is because shingle granules can quickly accumulate in the gutters, blocking the water from moving down the drainage. The granules can come from specific shingles or they could be the result of overall wear and tear. You wouldn’t really know until a full inspection is done by an experienced roofer.

Interior Wall Staining

A damaged roof can let water into the house, leading to staining or leaks inside. This can be quickly observed on the walls of the attic or the corners of your house where the roof meets. Water damage may happen first before any physical sign can be seen from your roof. If you’re not sure where the water stain is coming from, having roofing experts check through your roofs is a good idea.

Sudden Increase in Power Bills

Cracks on your roof can let hot or warm air out, prompting you to use more energy in order to stay comfortable. If you notice a sudden change in temperature or increased electricity bills, roof damage is a likely culprit. Note that a roofer’s help is best used as a last resort here. After checking all other possible causes, you can call Littleton roof repair services for an inspection.


The first sign of roof damage from a hailstorm is oftentimes not knowing when it will happen.

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Whether it’s residential or commercial roofing — roof damage happens because of prolonged exposure to the elements. Littleton residential and commercial roofing services typically deal with damage caused by heavy winds, hail, or moisture, all of which can be repaired if found early. Since damage to a roof is normal, routine inspection is the best way to control and minimize damage to the house. You might need to install a completely new roof to keep your house safe if left for too long.

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We are your one-stop roofing company in Littleton. We understand the frustration of having to coordinate with multiple sellers and contractors for roof repair. With our help, we aim to make the roof repair process easier by providing you with everything you’ll need for your house. From inspection to buying roof products and installation, Kind Home Solutions can meet every work demand so that you’ll only have to deal with one person for the whole project.

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