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Top 10 Best Blue Paint Colors

Did you know that blue is the most common favorite color in the world?  It makes sense because blue is associated with bodies of water, calm, serenity, trustworthiness, dependability, inspiration, and health.  As one of the most common favorite colors out there, it’s no surprise that homeowners love to use blue when it comes to painting their home.  That being said, blue can be a difficult color to get right and we’re all about making things simple. So, we’ve put together a list of our favorite exterior blue paint colors to make choosing the perfect blue a piece of cake!

The Most Popular Blues

       1. Morning Fog SW 6255

Morning Fog from Sherwin Williams is kicking this list off.  This beautiful light gray has just a hint of blue so it’s a really safe way to get the feeling of blue without the punch of color.  Since this is so neutral it’s very versatile and pairs really well with both light and dark colors.  You can make it a little more fun with a punch of color on the front door or keep it classic with a red or black accent.

Sw colorsnap visual of home: paint color Morning Fog


       2. Windy Blue SW 6240

If you’re looking for a bit more of a true blue while still keeping things light, look no further! Windy Blue is cute and fun but still has just a touch of gray to keep the color grounded.  This is a great all over body color but it can also be used on the front door with a white body like Alabaster to create a sweet and welcoming look.

Sw colorsnap visual of home: paint color Windy Blue


       3. Stardew SW 9138

We like to think of Stardew as sort of the bridge between Morning Fog and Windy Blue.  It’s a lot more blue than Morning Fog but it’s got a bit of a greenish-gray undertone which gives it a breezy coastal vibe.  Similarly to Windy Blue, we love this for a full body look or used as a simple accent. If you don’t want any green in your blue, this probably wouldn’t be a good fit for you.

Sw colorsnap visual of home: paint color Star Dew


       4. Poolhouse SW 7603

Now we’re getting into a little bit of a deeper, medium blue.  Poolhouse gives you a great color payoff but similarly to Stardew, it keeps things grounded and dynamic with a little bit of green.  This color may look different under different lighting so again, if you don’t like green you may want to skip this one and try the 6th blue paint color on this list!

Sw colorsnap visual of home: paint color Poolhouse


      5. Waterloo SW 9141

This blue paint color option is going to make a statement.  Especially when it’s paired with a crisp white trim.  We love the bold contrast Waterloo can bring to your home and this color also works really well with a variety of roof colors. You may notice that Waterloo does have a slightly green undertone so do keep that in mind as you select color options.

Sw colorsnap visual of home: paint color Waterloo


      6. Granite Peak SW 6250

Granite Peak is an absolutely beautiful, well rounded blue paint color option.  It does have a gray undertone which helps to balance the color and keep it from looking too bright.  It’s classic, clean, and timeless and you can even pair this with a lighter color like Morning Fog as a cohesive accent color. 

Sw colorsnap visual of home: paint color Granite Peak


      7. Outerspace SW 6251

Another outstanding blue that is getting into the deeper side of the color.  Outerspace is great for a high contrast look with white trim.  Pair this color with a mustard, orange, or red door for a pop of color or keep it simple and understated with a white or stained door.  Make sure you always pick up some sample quarts to test these colors out before committing to an all over look.

Sw colorsnap visual of home: paint color Outerspace


      8. Indigo Batik SW 7602

We’ve officially moved into the deep navy colors that have been trending for well over a year now.  Indigo Batik will give you that classic, east coast charm while still keeping things bright.  This is a very poppy, bold blue so it does pair best with a high contrast trim like white but you can absolutely mix in varying shades of the same color if your home allows for multiple colors, such as a victorian.

Sw colorsnap visual of home: paint color Indigo Batik


      9. Gale Force SW 7605

This is our last slightly greenish blue but Gale Force is a fantastic option if you want the deep navy look but want it to feel a little different than everyone else’s home.  Due to it’s slightly green undertone, this blue paint color pairs well with a variety of roof, brick, and stone colors especially in the blonde or brown family.  This is an incredibly bold color so we do recommend keeping any accent or trim colors simple and neutral to really let the body color stand out.  This also makes a beautiful front door color when paired with a variety of colors including yellow, white, and brown.

Sw colorsnap visual of home: paint color Gale Force


     10. Naval SW 6244

Last but certainly not least, we are rounding out the list with Naval from Sherwin Williams.  If you want that classic, true navy color then this is the blue paint for you!  Thanks to the slightly gray undertone this blue can be used as a body color without looking too overwhelming.  It’s a tried and true navy that won’t lose its appeal as trends change.  We absolutely love Naval and it might very well be one of the most popular colors on this list.

Sw colorsnap visual of home: paint color Naval


So, Is Blue a Good Paint Color?

Blue is a fantastic paint color choice when it’s done correctly.  The most important thing to remember is that you don’t want to go with an overly saturated color.  This is especially true on the exterior of your home where the color will reflect more light and appear brighter in most cases.  Choosing a blue paint color that is too pigmented can result in your home looking quite childish.  To avoid this, we recommend looking for a blue paint that has a gray undertone, or is dulled out.  This will help keep the look classic rather than garish.

Which blue was your favorite?  Head on over to our Facebook page and let us know which blue you’re thinking of trying. You can also check out more blue homes in our gallery and featured on our Instagram where we post regularly.